Don’t Skip Stretching

gmys marion ilIncorporating stretching in your daily workouts is important to your body as well as your overall health. Here is a look at the major benefits of stretching.

To the body

One of the main benefit of stretching is to help improve flexibility of the body as well as a range of different motions. As the body ages, the muscles become tighter minimizing motions in the joints which makes movement slower making an individual susceptible to muscle strains and tissue injuries. This can hinder normal day-to-day motions such as zipping up your dress or reaching for a can at the top of the shelf.

Tight muscles also leads to poor posture. Stretching helps to ensure correct body posture by lengthening the tight muscles that pull the body away from the right position. Stretching the chest, lower back and shoulders muscles improves the overall body posture.

Stretching also increases blood and nutrients supply to the muscles which enhances speed recovery from joint and muscle injury and reduces muscle soreness.

To the mind

Similar to other types of exercises, stretching helps to calm the mind, provides a mental break and gives the body a chance to recharge.

Stretching exercises like Pilates and yoga gives you the chance to release tension mentally and physically.

Everyone can stretch regardless of flexibility or age. You should make stretching a part of your daily routine to really enjoy its benefits. Stretching does not involve huge time commitment, there are simple stretches that you can do while on the computer, watching TV, or even in bed when you wake up.