Workout Injury Prevention

indexWhile some people are more attune to traditional weight loss or fitness tracking methods, technology has crept into every aspect of our lives. Sometimes there’s no denying that today’s technology has made our lives easier, and that trend has finally come to fitness. While cell phones were usually banished from gym, now they’re becoming more and more essential to tracking your workouts or assisting in workout instruction. Here are some ways you can use technology to put your track your workouts and overall fitness progression.


Workout Apps

Whether you’re looking for a smartphone app that plays workout playlists or a personal trainer app, you’ll find it in your phone’s app store. Researching fitness apps may also help you find workouts to do in between gym sessions or count calories. Anything you could need to make your gym time more productive could be found in an app!


Fitness Tracking Devices

The new trend in fitness technology is wearable devices that monitor everything your body does from sweat to sleep. These accessories can be worn outside the gym to track your daily activity and in the gym to monitor your vitals. There are several models out that serve different lifestyles, but their technology could help your reach your overall health goals. It is important that you use the information they give you to make the necessary lifestyle changes for this technology to actually help you.


Fitness Accessories

As previously stated, cell phones are usually frowned upon in a gym setting, but with all this technology that is useful in the fitness room, you want to have easy access to it during your workout! To keep your cell phone app close, you’ll want to invest in a comfortable fitness armband. These accessories feature see-through screens to allow you to open your favorite fitness apps and interact with them mid-workout. To keep on everyone’s good side at your gym though, be sure to bring headphones and refrain from cell phone conversations. If you’re phone has “do not disturb” settings you may want to turn that on once you get ready to work out to keep your social life from interrupting your workout.